Attending our networking event enables you to build relationships more strategically than attending a conference or mixer typically allows, because at our AWP Netspeeding event we mix fun, food and music; all the while allowing businesses to step into a breath taking quite serene environment to sit down and network using our Netspeed platform. 

Which leads us to the question:

What is netspeed? 

Netspeed is a networking platform developed by Lazara Leonard Gonzalez; where 2 businesses owners or entrepreneurs get a chance to sit down and  network for precisely “5 minute”!

You may now be thinking how can I possibly network with a business in 5 minute? It's easier than you think! 


How does Netspeed Work?

  1. Everyone that attends this networking party will receive a business listings page. The businesses that are attending the event will be listed on one side and the Netspeed script on the other. VIP will have the one pager inside their Netspeed Journal. We will have journals for sale at the event and online.  The script will help you ask the right questions so you do not waste anytime introducing yourself to potential partners and allies. 

  2. DJ will announce each business as they enter. The first 10 businesses through the door will be mentioned again once the parties take off.  Business introductions end at 8 pm.  It is important that everyone arrives on time. 

  3. Once inside check into the concierge table. 

  4. The Concierge will give your some easy very quick instructions and your networking packet.

  5.  Look over the business listings and business description. If you see a business you would like to call into a “5 minute Netspeed”, go to the concierge table and notify them of the number of the business you wish to meet with. The concierge will handle it from there.

  6. Take notes, stick to the script and only ask extra questions if you have time. 

  7. Once the timer goes off please stop and report back to the volunteer. 

  8. You are more than welcome to head up to the sky bridge or the waterfalls but there is absolutely no walking around the 1st level where Netspeed meetings will be taking place. 

  9. The following day look over your notes and reach out to those you would like to schedule a one on one with. 


This will allow you time to meet with as many folks as possible and all in one night. And when you wish to take a break you can, head to the bar, enjoy good music, take a stroll along the sky bridge in the botanical gardens, find a cozy spot along the 3 waterfalls, or attend a presentation in the dome. 

For Introverts: 

It is also an excellent way for introverts to level the playing field. Our event provides both a fun and festive atmosphere but we also are providing a calm, exotic, quite environment where you can escape to.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve attended so many networking events! Over the years I’ve discovered that networking parties are:


  1.  too loud; making it hard to communicate with people.

  2.  too boring because either we have to sit and hear people talk at us and with very little time left for networking. 

  3. very awkward to ask someone what it is that they do or simply get the conversation going.

  4. or stopping to talk to someone who ends up dominating your time; not allowing you to network with others.


This event takes all this away! There will be a loud, let your hair down area but thank you to the folks at the Myriad Gardens there will be the most beautifuly breath taking, serene quiet area for you to network in.  This location and event is both a rewarding way to connect with people, and will make it much easier to network. We have taken care of all the logistics all you have to now do is bring on the fun. If you are allergic to plants please let us know and we can reserve a classroom area for you. 



This lobby will serve as our party space; The Botanical Gardens will serve as our very unique  Netspeed space.

Offering plenty of privacy and a quiet space to network.

For those  with plant allergies we have other spaces available. 

Participating Businesses

names will be added as the businesses 100% register.

Please be patient with us, as it may take sometime to update this list. 

Perry Broad Casting Productions 

Carican Flavors Restaurant

Chef Curry